Thank You


The crowd at the sold-out Bar Politics with Josh Kumler, an event hosted by the Coalition.

The Coalition officially filed its papers on February 10, making us just five months old. In those five months, we’ve generated more than 6,750 Facebook likes, hosted 10 events at unique venues throughout the city, and created a video that has been viewed more than 42,000 times (donated by generous—and talented—volunteers). We’ve also accumulated hundreds of volunteer hours who made thousands of phone calls which helped elect a new city council that has dramatically changed the conversation regarding the design of our city, the impact of elevated highways, and the future of neighborhoods.

In late June, a new Dallas political leadership began with the swearing in of our city council. At the same time, the Coalition geared up to launch a new era of civic engagement in Dallas. Typically, political organizations only get involved during elections. But now that the campaigns are over, we must transition from turning voters out to the polls to turning citizens out to City Hall. It’s imperative that we keep our elected representatives accountable. These efforts will also ensure that we maintain the civic engagement infrastructure we built heading into election season and build off of it. Out of the six open city council seats, we’re proud to say we have three new city council members—Carolyn King Arnold, Mark Clayton, and Adam McGough—who publicly support the Coalition’s efforts.

Thank you for helping build the Coalition into one of the most impactful organizations in Dallas. But much remains to be done, and we are excited to continue building this movement and changing the future of the city we call home.



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