These candidates endorse tearing down I-345

We asked every candidate in the Dallas city elections one question: 

Do you support removing I-345 and replacing it with a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood that restores the community grid and reconnects East and South Dallas?

We did not ask this question as a litmus test. Rather, we wanted a simple, no-fuss, no-hemming-and-hawing way of determining whether those seeking office are willing to take informed, radical action to reconnect our neighborhoods, put an end to the legacy of racism, and seize opportunities for major economic rejuvenation in the city’s core.  

The candidates listed below said “Yes.” We urge you to consider them first as you make your choices in the May 4th election


Mayoral Candidates

Mike Ablon

albert black

scott griggs

lynn mcbee

miguel solis


City Council Candidates

District 1

Giovanni Valderas
Chad West

District 2

Barbara Combs
Adam Medrano

District 3

Davante Peters

District 4

Carolyn King Arnold
Asa Woodberry


District 6

Monica Alonzo
Omar Narvaez

District 7

Adam Bazaldua
Sandra Crenshaw
Kevin Felder
Korey Mack

District 8

Tennell Atkins
Erik Wilson

District 9

Paula Blackmon
Sarah Lamb
Erin Moore


District 10

Dede Alexander
Adam McGough

District 11

Curtis Harris
Lee Kleinman

District 12

Cara Mendelsohn
Daniel Powell

District 13

Jennifer Staubach Gates
Laura Miller


District 14

David Blewett
Philip Kingston